Screenprinted Maps

After a long day in the print studio we managed to hand print our illustrated maps for our tours. Two designs; street art (2 colour 1 side) & architecture + design (double sided 2 colours). After a couple of minor technical issues  we produced our first hand drawn maps, which we are  very pleased with. We hope to build on the maps in the future and produce a number of bespoke maps to support the tours and perhaps modify them for self guided tours which can go on sale. Each map is produced in an edition of 50. So those people who book a tour will get a free map.


arch map


street art map map holding photo 4 map front

Inspiring Exhibition

Found this great exhibition by AI WEIWEI at Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy. Entitled ‘Stacked’.

The stage and the gallery’s tower space house Stacked and Very Yao, variations on a symbolically rich subject already explored by the artist in the past. Ai Weiwei uses the bicycle as an iconic object: the principal means of transport in China—“Forever” (Yong Jiu Pai) is the most common bicycle brand in the country—it represents the lives of millions of Chinese citizens; what’s more, with its chain and sprocket mechanism, it somehow depicts the matrix of the labour force: the people. These installations also spotlight the more conceptual aspects of Ai Weiwei’s work; on the one hand, the activation of a process of abstraction whereby the object becomes the symbol-structure of nothing, on the other, the realization of the work as a metaphor of the fabrication of power.

Taken from official press release on Gallery website