Printing Hive

We are very close to launching our new addition to our tours and workshops with the Printing Hive. We have been playing with the idea of creating a mobile screen printing unit for the bikes  and finally got around to designing and making the unit. Our fantastic carpenter  Chris, spent a few days crafting away with birch ply and here we have our first Hive unit. The web page should be complete very soon and the booking page will be active soon for bookings. We will be offering a Bee’s Knees Workshop and a hire service. If you are interested please email us and we can get straight back to you with more info.

trailer main1 copy


hive 1

Hive 2 detail


Print & Bind weekend workshop


A successful weekend of printmaking, letterpress & bookbinding was had by our group over the past weekend. The weather forecasts were not great in the week with predicted rain during the most important part of the day. However we were very lucky with hail after everyone had gone home. Our day comprised of cycling along the thames path eastwards. We worked on the foreshore past Greenwich using found materials and creating solar plates. An overcast and cold day did not disrupt spirits and the group got into the process of coating, mark making and exposing the plates. A lunch break allowed for the plates to dry before we left for location 2, the jetty. There we printed some of the plates but battled against the strong gusts. The dark sky loomed as we hung our prints to dry. A cycle back along the thames path ended day 1.


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Day 2 was packed full of creative processes and experimentation. Our home was in the London Book Arts Centre, Hackney Wick. We began the session with a brief intro and demo of letterpress, using wood type. Setting type to reflect upon yesterday we started with High Low Tide and the group then created their own snippets. Working in pairs they set and printed several sheets before moving onto the process of embossing. Using a small portable relief press we embossed the solar plates from yesterday. Some great impressions were made. After a brief lunch break we resumed to work on many glue less book structures (pocket book, pamphlet, blizzard book) utilisng the prints created. We concluded the workshop with how to ‘present a final print’. Signed and editioned…

2 days full of great processes

Print & Bind new workshop April 27th & 28th 2013

We have been working with Simon Goode the founder of the London Centre of Bookarts (LCBA) to create a brand new workshop. Combining the best of what we do – printmaking with bookbinding. We are opening bookings for the weekend workshop, which we think will sell out quickly.

cycling along the thames path and creating solar plates.

cycling along the thames path and creating solar plates.

Print & Bind weekend (sustainable printmaking)

This weekend workshop combines 3 processes; printmaking & bookbinding at 2 locations. Using ‘green’ printmaking techniques (solar plate) combined with bookbinding methods. On day 1 we will cycle with artouride (brompton’s provided) leisurely along the Thames path (south east) and surrounds, exploring the landscapes, architecture and details on our journey. We will stop along the foreshore to collect debris for mark making. You will be introduced to the process of solar plate printmaking, which uses the sun’s ray for exposure. You will draw, etch and print a number of plates within the outdoor environment by the end of the day.

On day 2 we will decamp into the London Centre of Book Arts (Hackney) and you will be taught several (glue less) bookbinding techniques, which utilises your handmade prints from the previous day. You will have the opportunity to print a cover using letterpress (wood type) and bind your prints to form books.

Your guide and tutor will be Barbara Salvadori, a book artist and printmaker. Your cycle guide and assistant will be Jack Blake (designer and artouride founder).

By the end of the weekend you would have produced: a number of solar plate prints, which will be bound into different book formats.


inks letterpress mark making press x2 prints solar plates studio


no press needed

no press needed

Processes covered:

Solar plate printmaking

Letterpress (wood Type)

Bookbinding techniques


April 27th & 28 2013

Costs for weekend workshop (all materials provided, cycle hire, use of LCBA studio, no additional costs involved)

£130 concessions & LCBA members £150 full

Email now to reserve a place/Book online opening soon.

07968 717997


Tate Printing with Barbara

Our green printmaking guide Barbara Salvador and 2  students  (Hass & Olly) from LCC were enlisted to work for Daido Moriyama at the Tate Modern in October 2012. It was an exciting event as they printed live a 300, 2 colour screen printing cover sand a gang of collators bound the selected photos into books for the audience. Artouride learnt the Morris to transport the equipment and we popped along to watch the action. Daido sat in the glass room signing the editions as the autumn light teemed into the room. Well done BS

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Why not treat a relation, partner or friend to a tour with artouride. Surely better than a novelty gift that will be disguarded after a few weeks. Select one of our half day tours or full day printmaking/photography workshops, cycling on a designer brompton bike. They will also view some of London’s best architectural, sculptural and design highlights  along the way. You could also book a private bespoke tour, which can be designed for your friends in mind (costs and duration on request). We begin the majority of our tours again from March 2013 but if you wish and are hardy we can arrange a winter tour too. Our tours are from £28 and if you book a gift tour it will come with a (designed) voucher and an limited edition enamel badge.

Email for further gift advice. Take a look at the tour and workshop pages for details on each tour.