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From time to time we will blow our own trumpets, hopefully not too loud!

Steve Hall from &Bikes ( a new online magazine & blog called a few weeks ago to interview us at artouride.

He was writing a feature on art and the bicycle and wanted our perspective. It is a positive step that we are being discovered within other cycling communities and our profile is starting to take shape.

“These kinds of tours, like the film festival and plenty of other outlets, have sprung up around the shared agendas between the creative and cycling communities. Their own promotion and the endless fascination between the two is generating mutual interest, but also spurring those outside these twin spheres to get involved.

Cycling and art are frequently indebted to one another, but the possibilities for collaboration give both a new form of life”.

You will find the article on the sunday read section. Thanks for the feature.



Welcome to our first entry on our blog. This is our space where we can update you on news, related articles and gives you a place to comment.

As the days shorten and become colder we are ending our first season of our main tours, unless we have a heat wave in winter! We can now step back and review our great achievements and begin to refine our tours and workshops for spring 2013. However if you want to saddle up during these months please email us, as we are always on our bikes.

What a year. We launched London’s first art & design cycle tour company in April 2012 after contemplating and dreaming up our playground. How can we fuse our love for cycling, the admiration of the brompton fold up bike and weave art & design into a unique offering in London? After a cycle ride around Wapping and the riverside sometime back I joked about taking people around our quiet, secret London visiting great design & art places. As the my main job (lecturing In Graphic Design) was facing enormous shifts in education, cuts, job losses and general motivational issues, the day dreaming starting to form into a tangible and viable business. As all good graphic designers visually dream, the identity was formed on the back of a brown paper bag during a car journey to a party (note I was not driving at the time). After sometime the final identity was completed, the fleet of brompton’s brought and a website commissioned (more of artouride’s formation to come).

Starting any new venture there is fear and uncertainty. Will other people believe in this new service, want to book a tour and even refer to our company? After researching many sectors and audiences we began to contact and meet people organizing festivals and events. During our first season we worked collaboratively with some fantastic organization, supplying bespoke tours and hope we will resume work with them in theNew Year.

We have been fortunate to work with the London Festival of Architecture, DeptfordX fringe arts festival, Roca London Gallery during 100% design & Open House weekend (more detailed reviews to follow). Our main tours from street art to architecture and design have pedaled many visitors around.

Our green printmaking workshop, thanks to our printmaking guide Barbara Salvadori has been a great success and we managed to run 3 separate workshops this year, despite the wet weather trying to deter our outdoor printmaking our riders produced some great pieces inspired by the environment. We are working on a new photography workshop for the New Year, exploring the pinhole process through the landscape along the Thames.

Please enjoy the forthcoming blog entries to read more about our first season and our new season plans.

Identity forming (brown paper bag)

Identity forming (brown paper bag)

Roca London Gallery (During London Design Festival)

Roca London Gallery (During London Design Festival)