Roca Gallery-Design Festival 2012

Working for Roca London Gallery in Chelsea (designed by Zaha Hadid) was a pleasure. The gallery is beautiful and  serene. Each section of the space has been crafted and gives the visitor a sense of peace as you wonder the floor taking in the latest art installations. They have married an interesting concept where the bathroom pieces take second stage and the sound installation or art pieces are at the foreground.

Working with the team at Roca Gallery, we designed some route options and finally created a bespoke 90 minute tour that would link the gallery with Earls Court during 100% Design (London Design festival 2012). We ran 9 tours over 3 days and cycled with people from all over the world who came to London for the LDF events. We explored an eclectic mix of architectural sights from the impressive historical Brompton Cemetery to Lotts Rd Power Station and  Sarah Wigglesworth’s Cremorne Riverside Centre.  Cremorne Gardens was once a victorian pleasure garden.

We met some great and interesting visitors from interior designers architects, researchers and artists. Hopefully we will be working with Roca again in the spring with other events.

The collaboration was featured in Icon magazine and guide and also had coverage in World of Interiors and many online references.

Looking Back ‘Open House’












During Open House weekend 2012 we ran a tour of SE16. We had so many requests to join the tour with only 12 places on offer we could have ran it 3 times. Saturday was a glorious late September day ,but Sunday was one of those terrible rainy days. In fact that day it rained constantly for 12 hours. Now we are told that our summer was the wettest in 100 years! However, as we waited by Canada Water’s new library (designed by CZWG Architects) we were surprised to see 9 crazy riders and there bikes join us. We toured the area, through Russian Dock woodlands and up to Stave hill. The best views of the docks (on a clearer day perhaps). We headed towards the river and took shelter in the Brunel museum and took a Open House tour into the shaft . As we dried off some and left the shaft we wree greeted by constant downpours. As hardy cyclists we continued and cyclced along the river front, passing wharehouses and wharfs until we finished back at Canada Water, after 3 hours. I take my hat off to all those resilient cyclists and thank the heavens for our remarkable tour.

Tate Printing with Barbara

Our green printmaking guide Barbara Salvador and 2  students  (Hass & Olly) from LCC were enlisted to work for Daido Moriyama at the Tate Modern in October 2012. It was an exciting event as they printed live a 300, 2 colour screen printing cover sand a gang of collators bound the selected photos into books for the audience. Artouride learnt the Morris to transport the equipment and we popped along to watch the action. Daido sat in the glass room signing the editions as the autumn light teemed into the room. Well done BS

Gift ideas
















Why not treat a relation, partner or friend to a tour with artouride. Surely better than a novelty gift that will be disguarded after a few weeks. Select one of our half day tours or full day printmaking/photography workshops, cycling on a designer brompton bike. They will also view some of London’s best architectural, sculptural and design highlights  along the way. You could also book a private bespoke tour, which can be designed for your friends in mind (costs and duration on request). We begin the majority of our tours again from March 2013 but if you wish and are hardy we can arrange a winter tour too. Our tours are from £28 and if you book a gift tour it will come with a (designed) voucher and an limited edition enamel badge.

Email for further gift advice. Take a look at the tour and workshop pages for details on each tour.