Brompton Urban Challenge

Brompton Bicycles first Urban Challenge (London) took place on 19th May from Look Mum No Hands. 4 of us formed Queen Bee team. 3 non brompton cyclists so my fleet came in handy. A breakfast and coffee mulling over the first set of challenges soon tested our Sunday morning laziness! After set 1 which took us a long time (cycling to Exhibition Road) we managed to claw some time back with some quick thinking and instant scenerio (from St. Pauls, to inside a loo, to lying on the CS7 route!) photographs. Thanks to the team members of Sarah, Claire & Louisa (who had never ridden a bike in the centre of town before) who all dug in and kept on going when things got just a bit silly and last minute. We came home 2nd!

  photo 4 photo 5 photo 3-2 photo 3-1 photo 2-2 photo 2-1 photo 1 photo 1-1photo 4-1

London Festival of Architecture 2013

We will be running 3 bespoke tours during the 3 week festival & fringe in London. Tours will be Brutalist architecture & Riverside architecture. Plus a RIBA shoreditch tour (to be announced). Stay tuned…

Art Cycle Tour coming soon…

In June 2013 we will be launching our very own cycle art tours on Sundays. Visiting some of London’s best kept secret art galleries. The galleries will introduce the exhibits and we can even have time for a coffee in one of the art cafes. Cycling on a Sunday the roads and quieter and we can leisurely peddle around the back streets and green spaces of London.  Please email for further details.



Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. It all came together really well and was very enlightening. As a designer you tend to be blinkered by technology and time, but at the weekend those restrictions had been lifted. Back to basics, even discussing the grain on the paper! It felt like we’d accomplished so much in a relatively short space of time. Loved it. Big Thanks to yourself and to Barbara. I’m joining a print club in York on the back of the success of the weekend.

From Bob Main after the print & bind weekend workshop 27-28 April 2013