Looking Back ‘Open House’












During Open House weekend 2012 we ran a tour of SE16. We had so many requests to join the tour with only 12 places on offer we could have ran it 3 times. Saturday was a glorious late September day ,but Sunday was one of those terrible rainy days. In fact that day it rained constantly for 12 hours. Now we are told that our summer was the wettest in 100 years! However, as we waited by Canada Water’s new library (designed by CZWG Architects)¬†we were surprised to see 9 crazy riders and there bikes join us. We toured the area, through Russian Dock woodlands and up to Stave hill. The best views of the docks (on a clearer day perhaps). We headed towards the river and took shelter in the Brunel museum and took a Open House tour into the shaft . As we dried off some and left the shaft we wree greeted by constant downpours. As hardy cyclists we continued and cyclced along the river front, passing wharehouses and wharfs until we finished back at Canada Water, after 3 hours. I take my hat off to all those resilient cyclists and thank the heavens for our¬†remarkable tour.