LFA 2012/Looking back

heading to St.Paul’s from Tate Modern

As artouride slows down and rests those tour legs during the winter months, we begin to look back and review some of those highlights from our first year. Today’s review will be the London Festival of Architecture 2102 (LFA2012).

LFA 2012 June 23rd-July 8th/THE PLAYFUL CITY

This was our first official design festival tour, which all began in Monmouth coffee one late afternoon with Jess Cronin, festival co-ordinator. Those that frequent Monmouth in Borough market know how this venue and the quality of coffee can secure any new venture. After the meeting we at artouride came up with 9 draft bespoke tours to cover a multitude of locations and encompass many architectural highlights. What we actually delivered successfully were 5 different tours over the 2 weekends.

Guides David Phillips created a Brutalist tour, Barbara Salvadori designed and lead Wharehouses & Wharves ride, Jack Blake steered Sustainable London, After Hours and The Pineapple tour, which was lead by Peter Murry (Founder LFA) and collaborated by Bompass & Parr. The Pineapple tour was the highlight as we cycled in search of the pineapple details on buildings and ended the tour at SE1 for pineapple cocktails designed by the boys themselves (Bompass & Parr http://www.jellymongers.co.uk/about#!__about)

ending the tour with a refreshment

Architectural wonders in a playful city…thank you LFA for our first tours with you…looking forward to 2013.