We hope this page will give you the answers to some of your questions. If you have any further questions or enquiries that are not answered here please contact us.

How fit do I need to be?

​All our rides are taken at a leisurely pace as we believe slow travel is the best. We ​are not racing around and will make plenty of stops to discuss and look at our ​surroundings. It is expected that you can cycle and have a basic level of fitness.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to take part on the tour?

No, you can be a novice, new to cycling to join our tours. That is why we have chosen the Brompton as our bike fleet. These cycles are very easy to use. The 3 speed cycles are easy to use. The riding position is perfect for comfort and allows people of differing sizes to be catered for.

Can children take part on the tours?

Yes, we recommend age 14 and over, but this depends also on their height. Please contact use for further information.

What is the maximum height and weight of a rider on the tour to use a Brompton?

​Maximum weight is 110kgs/242lbs. We have 2 bikes built for taller riders.

What is covered in the costs?

See each tour for detail as each tour is different. All tours include the use of the Brompton cycle, safety gear (helmets, reflectors and lights if needed), a trained guide, planned routes and planning.

What is not covered in the cost?

​The return travel to Greenland Dock base. You can come by Thames Clipper, Tube, ​train or bus, see find us section.

What happens if it rains?

​We aim to continue the tour and we have disposable/long life ponchos to buy ​or rent. If you have your own waterproofs all the better. It is England after all!

What do I need on my ride?

​Bring a small rucksack or bag that can be easily carried on your back or shoulder, ​that houses any of your ​personal effects. You can leave things with us in our ​container (which is locked) and pick up at the end of your ride.

Will we be on major busy roads?

​No, we avoid any congested or main roads where possible and plan our routes ​along cycle routes, the thames path or minor roads. We take safety seriously and will ​consider the needs of every rider.

What happens if I have to cancel?

​If you cancel up to 48 hrs we can either rearrange the tour at another date. Please email us if you have problems and we can deal with this as it happens. Cancellation is normally non refundable.

Is the bike insured?

​Yes our bikes are insured but we hope you will treat our bikes as you would treat ​your own.

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​Safety. Whilst on an artouride tour you will be asked to complete a short health and safety form, which states that you are reasonably fit, with no major illness and that we are not responsible for any accidents. We will provide cycle helmets and have well maintained cycles. Our tours are almost off main roads and are on cycle tracks. We cannot hold any reasonability for the unlikely ness of any falls or illness whilst on our tours.
​Route. On some rare occasions we may need to change the route or may not be able to visit certain spots of interest. If this situation arises we will make you aware of this and the reasons.
Weather. This is not in our power and we will run the tours in almost all conditions, which are safe for cycling. Please bring suitable clothing for British weather.

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